Lazy Sunday Arvo

The household is taking an afternoon nap, the duck(dinner) is braising away, dessert is chilling in the fridge and the laundry is hung on the clothes line. There’s nothing else to do Even the movie tonight has been picked – all ready for the little get together tonight.

I’ve been trying to get to bed by 1am – for 21 days consecutively. Well they say it takes 21 days to change a habit. Can’t say I’ve been very successful but I have been sleeping considerably earlier..till last night. Been a while since I stayed up late and chatted till nearly 6 in the morning. Feel horrible today but in a way I haven’t felt this chilled out either. Can’t be bothered going out!

2 more weeks to the holidays. Hell yeah.


Being A Music Teacher

I’ve NEVER in my life wanted to be a music teacher. I love music – listening, playing.. As far as being passionate about it I think I am. When I left high school I didn’t do music because I didn’t want to be a music teacher.

So what have I been doing for the past 3.5 years?!

I started this job with the intention of earning some extra cash while at uni. It pays well, is relatively ‘easy’ and it’s music related.

It’s not till today..3.5 years later I wake up and think. You know what? There’s so much more to being a music teacher than meets the eye.

I’m glad that my parents and sister encouraged me when I was younger to see through it. I mean, music vs computer games…any kid would choose the latter right? A kid wouldn’t see the importance of it. But now.. Being able to relate to music. I think it’s a gift.

You listen to something classical and you hear the story a composer 200 years ago was trying to portray. You listen to a pop song and you hear the (four) chords used. Being able to sit on the piano and play something when you’re feeling shitty. I only wish my students would be able to do that in the future.

I think I’m starting to enjoy the challenges. Having to build a rapport with each student and instil some passion in them. It’s some how very rewarding.

And now I’ve started therapy…the wonders that music brings is beyond words. The heartache and pain it brings is another story for another day.

Anyways point is, if one day, a few months/years from now I’m hating what I’m doing..I hope I’ll read this entry and remember why I fell in love with it.

To be honest, I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll forget the joy it brings. I’m scared I’ll end up hating it and hating myself for doing it for so long and passing up other opportunities along the way.


Hello Monday

Lights outs. Tunein radio set to play for the next hour. Air con still on. It’s 1am and I’m snuggled in bed trying to pump myself up – tomorrows Monday again. A whole new week is here!

This week has been pretty awesome. Despite being sick it was a really short week work wise. And the weekends…oh the weekends. I haven’t had quite as good as a weekend I’ve had this week for ages!

To kick it off – went crabbing on Friday! A thousand mosquito bites later(not exaggerating here!) we ended up with only 5 crabs. For one, we didn’t have a powerful torch so we couldn’t really see. There was three of us and what happens when there’s only one torch? The guy does all the job and the girls just chat. We were in the waters for 2.5 hours…just walking. It was beautiful. The whole estuary to ourselves, moon shining down, waddling in the water and feet shuffling in sand.

Then there was the Araluen Fremantle chilli festival today! 41 degrees here in Perth! Armed with water (only to be taken away at entry gates) C and I went down to freo to check it out.

There wasn’t anything really interesting except purple chillies(pic on fb) but I’ve always loved freo. The freo breeze was welcoming and it’s been ages since I’ve last been there. Used to always go during the weekends. Old historical buildings, great coffee and people watching. No better place!

Lots of catching up with friends this weekend as well!

Here’s to more awesome weekends (:

February Wrap Up

You hear people saying it all the time – where has the time gone? Its March already! Now, seriously, where has it gone? I remember the eve of 2012 like it was yesterday. I guess time flying by isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re having bad days. Not that i am, but i have seen better days. 

I finally got my ass down to finding that ‘disconnect from twitter’ button so that every time i publish a post it won’t go twitting to the world. 

So, where do i begin? 

For the first time in 3.5 years i’ve taken a sickie today from work. A bit disappointing really, but i just couldn’t see through the day. In the past, even if i was on death bed i would still go to work and brave it all out. Perhaps its mind over matter? When the mind is weak everything else fails. 

February has been a month of ups and downs. People have come and go, mostly go. In more ways than you can imagine. We can console ourselves and think that maybe God needs them more than we do, but can we really convince ourself that? 

I read this on 9gag (of all places) the other day 

I’m proud of my heart. It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow it still works.

Ignoring the comment about how its all chemical reactions in your brain because your heart only pumps blood, i can totally relate. At the end of the day what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Right?? 

Now despite all that, I’m thankful for the people around me. This year has been pretty awesome so far in that department. Old connections rekindled, new ones made, existing ones grow stronger. I’m lucky to be amongst such awesome people. A text message away, a viber call away….pretending to be cultured and having high teas or just hitting the beach at any time of day. Oh while we’re on the topic of technology, i was sitting in front of the computer the other day when suddenly this funny noise popped up from Facebook. A friend was video calling me on Facebook – and i didn’t even knew this existed despite Facebooking everyday! Been on it everyday ever since! Take that Skype and your laggyness! Hah! 

Mmm….back to bed with the trusty phone, medications and sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day.