Being A Music Teacher

I’ve NEVER in my life wanted to be a music teacher. I love music – listening, playing.. As far as being passionate about it I think I am. When I left high school I didn’t do music because I didn’t want to be a music teacher.

So what have I been doing for the past 3.5 years?!

I started this job with the intention of earning some extra cash while at uni. It pays well, is relatively ‘easy’ and it’s music related.

It’s not till today..3.5 years later I wake up and think. You know what? There’s so much more to being a music teacher than meets the eye.

I’m glad that my parents and sister encouraged me when I was younger to see through it. I mean, music vs computer games…any kid would choose the latter right? A kid wouldn’t see the importance of it. But now.. Being able to relate to music. I think it’s a gift.

You listen to something classical and you hear the story a composer 200 years ago was trying to portray. You listen to a pop song and you hear the (four) chords used. Being able to sit on the piano and play something when you’re feeling shitty. I only wish my students would be able to do that in the future.

I think I’m starting to enjoy the challenges. Having to build a rapport with each student and instil some passion in them. It’s some how very rewarding.

And now I’ve started therapy…the wonders that music brings is beyond words. The heartache and pain it brings is another story for another day.

Anyways point is, if one day, a few months/years from now I’m hating what I’m doing..I hope I’ll read this entry and remember why I fell in love with it.

To be honest, I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll forget the joy it brings. I’m scared I’ll end up hating it and hating myself for doing it for so long and passing up other opportunities along the way.



3 thoughts on “Being A Music Teacher

  1. Wow I think I would come and meet u some day very awesome work. My kid wants to be a music teacher and I thought it was not a good idea and now I know.

    • hi sam!

      it’s an odd thing really – i wouldn’t have thought it would have been realistic or a wise career move as well. But i think over time things change (:

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