Hello Monday

Lights outs. Tunein radio set to play for the next hour. Air con still on. It’s 1am and I’m snuggled in bed trying to pump myself up – tomorrows Monday again. A whole new week is here!

This week has been pretty awesome. Despite being sick it was a really short week work wise. And the weekends…oh the weekends. I haven’t had quite as good as a weekend I’ve had this week for ages!

To kick it off – went crabbing on Friday! A thousand mosquito bites later(not exaggerating here!) we ended up with only 5 crabs. For one, we didn’t have a powerful torch so we couldn’t really see. There was three of us and what happens when there’s only one torch? The guy does all the job and the girls just chat. We were in the waters for 2.5 hours…just walking. It was beautiful. The whole estuary to ourselves, moon shining down, waddling in the water and feet shuffling in sand.

Then there was the Araluen Fremantle chilli festival today! 41 degrees here in Perth! Armed with water (only to be taken away at entry gates) C and I went down to freo to check it out.

There wasn’t anything really interesting except purple chillies(pic on fb) but I’ve always loved freo. The freo breeze was welcoming and it’s been ages since I’ve last been there. Used to always go during the weekends. Old historical buildings, great coffee and people watching. No better place!

Lots of catching up with friends this weekend as well!

Here’s to more awesome weekends (:


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