Dumpster-diving. Seriously, wtf right. So a couple of weeks ago i followed a friend dumpster-diving. No, i wasn’t starving. I wasn’t short of cash. I wasn’t crazy. I just wanted to see for myself the debate behind it.

Broccoli stems. White bread which hasn’t expired albeit a little stale. Apples which looked a bit brown but still perfectly edible. All in the bin.

It didn’t seem like much to me at first but then i got home and started googling and did a bit of research and what i read bugged me for a few days after. More than 4 million tonnes of food is thrown out every year – in Australia alone. Farmers and growers throw out tonnes of produce each week because they’re “off-spec” and supermarkets refuses to stock them. An apple with a little brown bit, watermelon with seeds, grapes with seeds – we all look for seedless fruits these days…what we might not know is that those longish watermelons with seeds are the males and the seedless round ones are the females. If we all choose seedless ones, the demand for those longish ones drops and they’re left on the farm to be ploughed. Ps those watermelon with seeds are actually sweeter and more flavourful than the female ones.

Now i must admit. I pick my fruits and vegetables before i buy them. Do you? I make sure they look perfect – no blemishes, no thrips.

We have organisations like Foodbank and OzHarvest trying to salvage all the still perfectly edible food and giving them to the needy – but is this enough?

To be honest, i don’t know the point of me blogging this. Its just been on my mind thats all.


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