Burning Bridges

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered. 


It’s like the smoke has fogged up the path in front of me and I can’t tell where it is taking me…


The Big Move

I’m a true believer of the saying “anything can happen”. And indeed anything can.

So I was in Perth last month packing my bags for a short trip home but here I am today – job secured and accommodation on the way in the Lion City.

No doubt it’s been brewing in my mind for a bit. It’s a crazy move. Silly to say the least. Everyone asks me why. Isn’t Perth a good place? Don’t you like it there?

Well, i don’t just like Perth. I think i love it. It’s been the place I’ve called home for the past 6 years and every bit of my time there has been etched in memory. I would have happily settled down there and not regret it. But alas, I think there are other things which I love as well. I guess theres no one reason why I decided to move. Closer to the family? A new chapter in life? Time for a challenge?

So theres no turning back now. I am very grateful to have had job offers so quickly and sort of even started a bidding war. Everything within a week! Just got to get accommodation sorted and fingers cross have my visa approved.

Sometimes at night when all the noises of the day have dissipated I start to think to myself – if i would regret this. Or if I’ve made the worse mistake of my life. I guess only time will tell!

So for the most part of the last month I’ve been back home in Kuching. Been catching up with people I haven’t seen since Form 5. Sometimes when we’re all sitting and talking about life I can’t help thinking about the path we’ve all decided to take. Surely, if given the chance, we might have done some things differently? Some of us married, with child, getting married, getting new jobs, changing careers…but we’re all still finding ourselves…do we ever stop?

If anything, I’ve started believing in myself a little more. The emails from parents and students – it feels like I’ve actually done something right. I guess its true – you don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it. I’ve been very lucky at my last job. A boss I respect, trust and loved. Colleagues equally as awesome.

I only hope life has something good in store for all of us.

Like I said, only time will tell.