Making Memories

Life in Perth used to be so routined to me…especially for the past 3 years. I did a different thing each day of the week but it was the same from week to week. Never knew how much those little things i did meant to me till tonight. 

Back then, every Saturday i would work from 8am till 5.30pm without breaks, come home crash and then grab a late dinner after waking up. Churros for supper or a movie at home. Every single Saturday! Tuesdays i would teach a half hour class in the morning, have a 4.5 hours lunch break and then go back to work till nearly 9pm and then go and catch a movie/karaoke. Every single Tuesday!

I guess moving here it’s all about creating routine again. Still finding my way around. Part of me doesn’t want to fall into a routine but i guess we’re designed that way. Part of me wants to find out what that routine would be. 

3 years from now i’ll be looking back and thinking to myself…those were the days in Singapore…



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