Trotting Along

Never in my life would i have thought i would find a better job than my last one in Perth.

I guess things didn’t come easy at first – i quit my first job in Singapore after 3 days but thank god i did! 

My bosses and colleagues at the current job are lovely lovely people…quite contrasting to what we all think “Singaporeans” may be like. I have a normal 8.30-5.30 job now but it’s more like 9-5.30pm and no more late nights! Gone are the days i would finish at 9pm! 

Still surrounded by music, and most importantly – coffee below the office! (;

Cost of living never ceases to amaze me here. Granted my rent is more than double what i used to pay in Perth, but transportation is like only a third of what we pay there! Then the food….

$5 used to buy me a cup of coffee there. Over here? $5 is a cup of coffee, lunch AND 2 bags of those ready cut up fruits from the fruit stall. With 10 cents change! 

Been doing so many touristy things lately…and then there’s also discovering more of Singapore everyday. 

Well it’s been 2 months since the day i decided to move and i guess i can finally call myself settled because today i get my first pay here! Whee! 

Secretly hoping things will remain as positive as it is now!


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