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This Silly Season

Every now and then, the topic of blogging pops out. Then everyone makes some kind of comment saying how it’s dead and lame now but I just keep my mouth shut. Someone would turn to me and ask “do you still blog?” I shrug and change the topic. 

I’m not sure if you would call this blogging, but this site has many memories. And I’m sure those of you who’re still reading this and blogged before, would understand. I don’t think about blogging anymore – I used to make mental note everyday about blog-worthy stuff and then blog about it. But I guess from time to time, I sit down in front of the laptop and find myself on this site typing away to that cyberspace out there. 

Anyways, it’s been a crazy run the past few weeks. Ridiculous projects and targets to be met at work, and just so much drama. Reading back on my last few posts I remembered being thankful and blessed with finding a new work and life in Singapore which was drama free and urm… not as stressful as I thought it would be. Oh boy, I was so so wrong. 

Someone unleashed the monster and I was somehow thrown to the front of the line to kill this huge ass beast. It’s been wild, it’s been tough but we pulled through. The irony of it all was that our deadline was 21/12/12. So even if the world didn’t end it would still be doomsday for us all. 

Well 21st came, the world didn’t end, and it sure as hell wasn’t doomsday for us either. We somehow pulled through…still not sure how we did it though. I remember lots of paperwork in bed every night and everything else is a blur. Well that’s that and i’m glad its over!

So with all the crazy stuff at work, this week has flown by so quickly. Friends have flown home – wherever that is and today, for the first time ever I find myself at home feeling a bit empty. On the plus side, i’m on 10 days leave/holidays starting today so that’s something to look forward to. And then my partner in crime in all things crazy, random and emo is flying over tonight so all’s good (: 

2 more sleeps to Christmas! Orchard Road is so beautiful at night….it’s maybe the most magical and Christmassy thing going on here in Singapore. But during the day, it’s the complete opposite. If there’s one word to describe the spirit here in Singapore…it would be “rush”. People rushing to buy things, rushing to go home…and then there’s the queues. But then a stroll down Orchard after 10 at night…all is well again (; 

I guess this Christmas/NYE I won’t be with family. But to everyone else who will be going home for Christmas, cherish every moment you have with them. To those who aren’t, doesn’t mean you won’t have an epic time! (; 

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013! 

Four Months

It’s been exactly 4 months – although my contract is officially for 13th August…but yes it’s been four whole months here in Singapore.

1 2 3 4. 

Feels like four years if you ask me. 

Was on a very long bus ride last night (5.5 hours but another story for another time), and i was looking out the window to a very starry starry night thinking and reflecting about my time here in Singapore. 

I THINK i’ve accomplished quite a bit in such a short period of time. 4 months. Settled in a new country, in a new job…done all the touristy things in Singapore like Night Safari, Bird Park and Singapore Zoo. Done the symphonies, travelled to all ends of Singapore, Sentosa, and then there’s the degustations. Conquered Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Malacca and a short trip back to Perth. 

And in the midst of that all – WORK. 

New experiences, new people, new faith. 

Well, the silly season in nearly here and more crazy/exciting things will happen. Here’s to 2013 and another epic four months! (Of which Penang and Hanoi is already planned for lol!) 



We spend our whole life waiting. Waiting for someone else, waiting for something to happen, waiting to live the life we thought was becoming. 

All through that waiting, here we are. The days passing, day by day but we’re here still waiting. Waiting for dinner to be ready, waiting for that torrent to finish, waiting for that day work becomes bearable. 

How long would you wait?