You’re reading this either because you already know me or you stumbled across this site. Well, for those who don’t already know me, here’s a penny’s worth for you to read.

 Me, Myself, and I

Name: Tataro

Date of Birth: 15th October 1988

Hometown: Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia

Horoscope: Libra

Chinese Zodiac: Earth Dragon


The usual…both mum and dad, and an elder sister. Okay, enough bout them….not important identity protected.


I’ve never attended pre-school before so my first day of school was on January 4th, 1994. Attended kindergarten at Lodge School right till the last days of my high school years (2005). Then, after many many thoughts and dilemma, i did a last minute sign up at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya, KL. Recently finished the South Australian Matriculation(SAM).

The 19th of February 2007, marks my first day of uni life, and i will be commencing a double degree of Bachelor of Mass Communications(Public Relations) and Bachelor of Business(Marketing & the Media) in Murdoch University, Perth.

edit 18/2/08: Double Degree of Bachelor of Public Relations and Bachelor of English and the Creative Arts



“No music, no life.” “Music is life.”

I won’t say exactly that music is my life. But it’s a big part of my life.

I started banging learning the piano at the age of 6 with dangling feet (they couldn’t reach the floor) and completed the whole torture-package in the year 2004. Back then, the torture-package came with preparatory grade, which meant I had one extra exam to take. Along the way, I picked up the clarinet in school for some symphony band thing (which existed for only 2 years), then learned the viola, saxophone, flute, cello and self-learned the violin. Not forgetting my mum who tried to teach me the chinese harp but failed miserably. And oh yeah, completed ABRSM Theory of Music till Grade 8 too. Now thats what i call torture.

For one who plays quite a few instruments, i’ve been nicknamed music freak by close friends. But there is a secret behind my freaky-ness.

I can’t sing even if it was to save my life. Seriously.

Back to the point.

So you must think, “omg, so classical…” Yeah, it is rather classical. To rub more salt, i was also part of the Sarawak State Symphony Orchestra and the IMH Academy Ensemble Orchestra. Well, besides playing classical instruments, I also arrange and compose music. Recently, I was also part of a rock band, AEXIS. Now, don’t ask me how that happened.

Yes, i love playing. But i HATE practising. So if you were wondering whether i chose music as my career? The answer is no. When i left to further my studies in KL this year (2006), everything was dropped and long abandoned. However, i still take weekly viola/cello lessons from a respected teacher there. It shall just remain as something which brings my joy when I have nothing else better to do.


Anything furry and cute.

Even rodents. But without the tail please.


Live to eat, not eat to live.

Somebody buy me a slab of foie gras please!


From phones to computers to other accessories…*drools*

Why Blog?

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, started off with Xanga then switched to Blogspot. Later on, i had my own domain which is now abandoned after just only 1 post. So this makes it the 4th blogsite i have.

Blogging has always been my ranting chamber. A diary/journal or whatever you’d like to call it. I’d look back one day and reminise all the silly things i’ve once done.

Anyways, you’ve been a good one reading all this crap i’ve written.


Have a taste of what my rojak life is like, all served in one great plate! (=


12 thoughts on “Author

  1. Hi Sandra!!!
    What a small world, you actually met my high school friend, Raymond in Uni.
    Dont let him bully you, vice versa. LOL…
    We all thought that you’re doing music, though.

  2. Thanks for contributing your rojak picture, it’s juz nice for my project 😉
    I see ur bday is d same as my ex-bfren’s…
    makes me miss him :p
    thanks ya

  3. I stumbled to your blog while searching for best kuching laksa. Mmm… we’ve lots in common, from kuching, studied in perth ( I used to live at park lane while studying at Edwards), then proceed to curtin. Enjoy your study in perth

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