2008 In A Nutshell

In just a couple of days the world will be counting down the seconds to welcome year 2009. As for me, im still recovering from the Christmas shebang. Hosting and cooking for 20+ people at home is no easy feat but i believe it went well 🙂 We had Secret Santa, and a feast –

  • hors d’oeuvres – cream cheese and smoked salmon vol au vents, trio of mushrooms and chicken vol au vents, deviled eggs
  • appetisers/sides- prawn mango & pomegranate salad, roast vegetables, cheese platter, meat platter, cauliflower cheese bake
  • mains- roast turkey, roast beef, honey drumsticks, mutton curry,
  • desserts- chocolate tart, konnyaku

Phew. Will put up pictures soon 🙂

Anyway, 2009 has been crazy for me. The later part of the year has been so filled with awesome times – scoring 2 of the best jobs i’ve ever had, bonding with new friends and colleagues and strenghtening the old ones, having more time to myself and thus less time to blog (heh).

I will never be able to recount all the highlights of 2008..but its one of those years where i know i’ve grasped a lot from the past 12 months. I think i’ve grown up. Hm.

Have a blessed 2009 dear readers.


Family Day

My work place is celebrating Family Day a little earlier this year. If you wanna know why its because Family Day is also Melbourne Cup Day and everyone will be going crazy betting on horses instead.

So we’re told to bring something which means family to you. AND bring your family. Since i have got no family here, i’ll just bring myself. Plus, i dont think any of my workmates would want to bring family members to embarass them in front of all the other colleagues. Heh. And it seems like everyone has the same family dish here – pot roast. So the idea is scraped and we’re gonna bring whatever we want.

Lack of kitchen utensils and cookware, i’m just gonna do a cheese platter. Its not going to get any easier than that. Buy different cheeses, a quince or fig chutney, grapes/strawberries/pear and some nuts. Oh crackers too.

Anyway, i don’t think my family has any dishes that speak for ourselves. But there is significant dishes that i can always relate to from either my dad, mum or sis. They’re like the utimate dishes that i want them to make for me if i ever need to choose my last meal.

From my dad, buttered slices of bread with sprinkles of sugar always hits the spot. He used to make me sandwiches everyday years ago. Every morning (: Another would be instant noodles with an egg and this little egg must not break.

Favorite childhood memories of food with my mum would be her avocado smoothies. A friend of the family used to give us heaps of avos and she would turn them into the most delicious avo smoothie ever. Thick, rich and oh so sinful.

Those from my sister comes from the later years. If ever i found out that i will be having my last meal on this planet, i’d have her cook her big breakfast for me. During my year stay in KL with her, she’d cook me breakfast in the wee hours of the morning before my exams. But i never appreciated them because face it, we’re all half asleep in the morning. I bet she cooks them half asleep as well. Hehe. Another would be her cupcakes. Ok i admit they’re not the most beautiful cupcakes on Earth (sorry Hamtaro) but they taste awesome and made with love (I sound so cheesy!)

Tataro Cupcakes

So while they might sound like the simplest food to make on Earth, they have that one special ingredient in them – love.


Elmo Without The L

Hmm, the number of readers is indirectly proportionate to the number of comments i’m getting. My stats tell me the number of readers are shooting but the number of comments i’m getting is like… haha. Strange but cool.


Just got back from a catchup/farewell session with Chris and Jo earlier. I’m feeling very the emo. Everyone’s leaving! And after Chris it’ll be my turn. Oh so sad. And people our age suffering from cancer and every other kinds of illness. Emo. Emo. Emo.

Sigh, just ranting.

Excuse my emoness.

Comfort Food

Comfort food is typically inexpensive, uncomplicated, and easy to prepare. Many people turn to comfort food for familiarity, emotional security, or special reward.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Mine would be Maggi Mee with an egg.

Maggi Mee with egg

I don’t know why, but i always have that homey feeling when i eat it. I suppose it’s because my house is always stocked with at least a few packets (emergency, you know?) of either chicken, curry or tom yum. And when i was younger, my dad would cook it for me for supper when I stayed up during exams. Ironically, it isn’t my parent’s favourite instant noodles…and i think my dad only buys it for me. They would very much rather go for Indo Mee, another favorite among overseas students (heck, even Facebook has an Indo Mee appreciation group).

Some people like to crack their eggs in and mix it all up, but i find it slimy and you don’t actually err…savour the egg. 😀

I’d prefer mine to be with an egg, yolk left whole and half cooked.

Well, that’s my comfort food.

What’s yours?

Ramadan Bazaar

It’s the Ramadhan month again where the Muslims fast during the day with the purpose to cleanse the inner soul and focus on charity deeds.

But in Malaysia, being so multi-racial, it’s celebrated by all races…especially breaking of the fast 😀

When I was in KL last year, Hamtaroo and I went crazy over those bazaars. Very different from the ones in Kuching (Sunday Market for example), it’s cleaner, bigger and have got just about everything.

I’ll share with you the pictures from last year.

We tried the Ikea eat-all-you-can buffet. From memory it was less than RM20 per person and surprisingly, it was quite decent. They do change their food items daily for a bit of variety and their desserts are awesome. So if you’re in KL, you might wanna check it out this year (if it’s still the same).

Kuih Bakul

We initially thought this was the Thai dessert with chestnuts and coconut milk on top. But it turned out to be something really different. The Malay’s take on it. All I can remember is that it’s really really sweet.

And the following taken from a few Ramadan Bazaars.

Kuih Jala

A traditional Malay cake, crispy and sweetish. Very aromatic and addictive.

Nasi Beriyani/Beriyani Rice

It’s actually Basmati rice cooked in lots of herbs, spices and yoghurt. Can be eaten alone but usually served with vegetables(pickles) and meat of your choice. Good beriyani must be fluffy, not too dry and most importantly flavourful.

Ikan Bakar

Grilled fish marinated and stuffed with spices. Grilled with pandan or sometimes banana leaf to give that extra kick and charcoal flavour.


Self explanatory. Food on a stick (=

Varieties of Kuih

Cakes ranging from the sweet to the savoury of all sizes and shapes. My personal favourite is the yellow one. It’s salty with minced meat and chilli on top. Yums.


Cordials and syrups are most common as they’re sweet and gives them the energy when fasting for the whole day. You can basically find drinks of any colour there.


And again, colourful!

Buah kurma/Fresh dates

Most of you have seen dried dates…these are the fresh ones. Personally, it’s a bit too sweet for my liking but unless you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find them quite nice to nibble one.

I usually attack the salty and savoury items and not the sweet ones..and ermm the ones which are not so colourful 😀

Yup, there’s something for everyone..

I miss going to those bazaars to look see and be adventurous 😀

Till then, Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims out there!

We’ll Miss You

Six years ago, my parents decided to bring in a new life into our home. I remembered clearly that fateful day.

There were 2 of them, identical in every possible way. But we could only bring one home. It was a tough decision, but my mum made it. And she sure did make the right one.

I carried the bundle of joy all the way home. She was wrapped in a towel and she very silently lay on my lap as we made the journey home. Not a single movement. Not a single sound. She was only 2 months old.

For the next few days, we all threw ourselves with abandon into her. We showered her with love and she brought joy into our family. It wasn’t puppy love – it was true love.

She grew immensely fast. She gobbled down anything we gave her. Dad fed her with milk, rice and meat and anything nutritious we could find. I found myself scrambling eggs for her every now and then. But a week after we brought her home, she was still pretty much nameless. I printed lists of names from the Internet and my mum finally chose one.

As quiet as she was when we first brought her home, she was quite the opposite when she grew up. When I ride the scooter/bike around the house, she would run after me and nearly always aimed for my feet. It was like ‘play catch’ for her. She accompanied my parents almost everyday for 6 faithful years while they did gardening.

Oh, she absolutely loves water. She plunges her whole face into the bowl of water everytime and she would gorge herself silly at a water hose. When we wash the car, she would just come and lie where the water would be. We often thought she would go sick from the soapy dirty water.

When you put your hands into a pail of water and yell for help as if you were drowning, she would come and pull your hands out.

When she does mischief, the next morning she would try to hide herself from my parents. She would hide her face thinking that she’s soooo small but what she doesn’t know is that she’s about the size of a huge fat wild boar. And sometimes she would just go down on all fours, head on ground and just stare at you with her warm eyes. You’ll melt and forget all about punishing her.

She was a smart one. On occasions, she would bring my mum’s sandals from the back door to the front door. BOTH sides of it and lay it down nicely.

As months went pass…years eventually, she really did become a part of the family. She was so attached that when you walk, she would come bouncing up to you and literally stick onto you. And I believe we spoilt her a little too much, she grew sooo huge that when she comes up to you, all you’d see is a bouncing ball.

When she was still a ‘small ball’, I’d bring her in my room in a little baby basket. I’d study and she’d sleep. But we always had each other’s company.

A few weeks ago we found out that she’s suffering from some leg problems disabling her to walk properly and thus lose her appettite.

But because the doctors back home are hopeless and useless, they resorted in euthanasia.

And at 3.30pm today, she left for doggy heaven.

She’s been the closest dog I’ve ever been with compared to all the others – I was either too young or been away.

We’ll miss you.

Do You Remember…

Our Lodge years? 

With the whole Form 5:-

  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  • Courtesy of Lamomok

  • KL trip 2003
  • The after school hours? Socialising from class to class. And 5B had the London Bridge is falling down thing. LOL
  • The last day of school
  • Au Revoir

With the prefects:-

  • Prefect’s Telematch. Water balloons, obstacle courses…
  • Teacher’s Day. The performances – ‘Hero’, Jay Chou songs, and yes…the chain! Red yellow blue red yellow blue (Sherly, Kevin, Shih Yang if you’re reading this. Haha!)
  • Singapore trip 2005. The haunted hotel!
  • Anticipating spot checks so we could all skip class 😉

With my classmates:-

  • Our last class picture together
  • The guys breaking into the store room in our class…the drums, trumpets and trombone? And getting caught by Mr Lee
  • This aeroplane picture taken in Form 4
  • The ‘door bell’ Albert got for our class which played annoying kiddy tunes
  • Playing with water guns
  • Buying Cikgu Suzanna the watch for her birthday in which she had a story behind it
  • RWMF times
  • Taiti sessions everyday before SPM
  • The wushu craze

Do you remember?

I do.

p/s Lots more I’m sure of it…but these are those which stayed on top of my head. Feel free to add through the comments and I’ll add to the list when I’m free… (=