If I Fall

The Microsoft Word page has been open for ages, its still as clean as a new page, the cursor’s blinking, pulsating…

So many things on my mind.

I don’t have time for this kinda shit now.

Assignments after tests after assignments after tests.


5 thoughts on “If I Fall

  1. heh no worries. everyone gets lost too. I remember writing a few posts (or maybe more than a few =X) when I was kinda lost in my own world.

  2. Heyyyyy…

    I think the solution to your problem would either be..

    A fresh bowl of laksa…

    or kolok mee…

    which I am having, and will be having for many days to come. OK I am not helping much am I? LOL… Kuching rocks.

  3. gabe:one of the very few good things about having a blog hehehe. rambling to yourself.

    robin: :O OMG ROBIN!! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!!! lolll. yeah i agree! kch rocks! hahaha

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